News and Information Network
For the U. A. Traveler
Started before the turn of the century, by the members, for the members. Since our inception, many sites have
appeared on the net, but still to this day, you would be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive site for News and
Information pertaining to not only the Union Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry, but the Organization itself. This site
was built, and is maintained by idealistic members bent on the
“OLD SCHOOL TRADITIONS” handed down to us from our forefathers.

Being a free site, verses some, we depend totally on full participation and donations from the members that grace our
pages, to not only keep us up to date on the information supplied, but the doors open, and further expanding for the
future. Times all to often become perilous along our journey as Union Members, and it is up to each and everyone of
us to fulfill our duties to not only one another, but our Community. Our Brotherhood and Solidarity each, are based
on that factor.

We take great pride here in presenting to you,

An excellent resource for updated information on who's hiring, and projects within
their local jurisdiction.

LOCALS WAGE AND BENEFIT PACKAGES: A resource for navigating financial goals, and establishing a base for the
requirements of each individuals needs.

STATE ROLL CALLS: Many times Locals are referred to by their City, or State locations, causing confusion as to their actual

NUMERICAL ROLL CALLS: Once again, many Locals are referred to by their Organization number, causing confusion as to their
actual jurisdiction.

UNEMPLOYMENT RATES: All to often we may be in the position of actually needing to calculate this information as a wage to get by

MESSAGE BOARDS: Our number one resource for not only work related information, but a communication network for members to
discuss news and information of the day.

LINKS: A valuable resource for news, information, and projects related to our Industry.